Sample Print Run Details


The MetaZoo Sample Set was released soon after the Kickstarter and officially ended sale on November, 7th 2020 - though a few more waves were later released in the form of giveaways in early 2021. There are 46 different full holo (star pattern sparkling foil holographic background) gold rarity Sample cards and 47 different non-holo silver/bronze rarity Sample cards - see below for the complete list.


The creator of MetaZoo, Michael Waddell, has said that the print run of these sample cards was 100 holo "decks" and 100 non-holo "decks". Although the non-holo Sample cards are just as rare as the holos, the holographic Samples tend to carry higher secondary market values. 


Sample cards were sent for free to content creators, stores and distributors before more than a small handful of people had ever heard about MetaZoo. Remaining cards were sold direct by MetaZoo, though Michael Waddell has said that initially they did not sell out even at a few dollars per pack of cards. It is assumed that many Samples cards were lost or discarded by businesses and individuals who were at the time being bombarded by unsolicited new TCGs and other collectibles. 



1.Aura Battery 2.Aura Generator 3.Aura Potion 4.Babe The Blue Ox 5.Batsquatch 6.Bigfoot 7.Billdad 8. Black Cat. 9.Bloodlust 10.Boohag 11.Book of Shadows12.Broom 13.Bunny Man 14.Cactus Cat 15.Chaos Crystal 16.Chupacabra 17.Cosmic Aura18.Crawfordsville Monster 19.Cumberland Dragon20.Dark Aura 21.Dark Crystal 22.Death Beam23.Dingbelle 24.Dover Demon 25.Dragon's Breath26.Dual Permafrost 27.Earth Aura 28.Eternal Snowflake 29.Exorcist's Nail 30.Fire Aura 31.Fireball32.Fire Elemental 33.Fire Trap 34. Flatwoods Monster35.Forest Aura 36.Forest God's Amber 37.Fountain Of Youth 38.Fresno Nightcrawlers 39.Frost Aura40.Funeral Mountain Terrashot 41.Gee-Gee Bird42.Ghost Train 43.Giant Salamander 44.Giant Space Brains 45.Grim Reaper 46.Growth 47.Headless Horseman 48.Health Potion 49.Hodag 50.Hopkinsville Goblin 51. Ice Storm 52.Indrid Cold 53.Jackalope54.Jersey Devil 55.Johnny Appleseed 56.Kentucky Hellhound 57.Kushtaka 58.Light Aura 59.Lightning Aura 60.Lightning Bolt 61.Lightning Crystal62.Loveland Frogman 63.Matlox 64.Men In Black65.Metal Man Of Alabama 66.Minnesota Iceman67.Mothman 68.Nain Rouge 69.Napa Rebobs 70.Old Saybrook Blockheads 71.Ozark Howler 72.Paul Bunyan 73.Piasa Bird 74.Pope Lick Monster75.Pukwudgie 76.Quezalcoatlus 77.Razored Leaf78.River Dinos 79.Rubberado 80.Sam Sinclair 81.Sewer Alligator 82.Shock Aura 83.Sink Hole Sam84. Spirit Aura 85.Squonk 86.The Char Man87.Thorned Whip 88.Tizheruk 89.Tripodero 90.Twin Meteor 91.UFO 92.Van Meter Visitor 93.Walking Sam94.Water Aura 95.White Thang 96.Wendigo