ProCaster Portal

Welcome to the ProCaster Portal. This is where you will find all of the tools and resources dedicated to you as part of the ProCaster Team!

** Please choose where you would like to go from the dropdown main menu to the left. Access to all ProCaster items require your dedicated password. Once accepted into the ProCaster Program, please use the following references to stay efficient with the tools provided.


What's it mean to be a ProCaster?

Being a POKEZOO ProCaster is a program desiged for the best of the best inside the MetaZoo community. It's an opportunity for individuals to be the MPN Team POKEZOO ProCasters and host events in the local markets with the full backing and support of a MetaZoo Partner. 

Being a great brand ambassador for both POKEZOO and MetaZoo is at the core of this program. We embrace what makes us all different, unique and special. Becasue of this, we want to cater to the variety of ways that the community enjoys MetaZoo. Whether it be through playing or collecting, we respect and elevate all. 



As a ProCaster you have an opportunity to earn commissions on sales that you refer to the POKEZOO store! 

You need to sign up on the link below to setup your account and generate your discount code. These codes can be changed in the dashboard after to whatever you'd like.

Sign up | Affiliate (

Here's how it works... You are able to give your ProCaster code out to anyone you'd like. It can be used for any product in the store and it will get them a 10% discount on their order AND earn you a 10% commission on the sale. There is no max amount you are allowed to earn! 


ProCaster Onboarding

This form must be filled out first. Once this is complete, I will order your official ProCaster gear pack. This includes a shirt, hat and backpack. These are $0 cost to you and will be shipped directly to your home within 7 days. 

I will also need for you to email me a photo and a short bio to use on the website. Please send these directly to












ProCaster Event Scheduler 

This section is to be used for you to schedule your events. Please keep in mind that 2 events per month are required to maintain status in the program. Each event will need to have its own unique form completed. 

Once you complete this form, I will enter the event onto the ProCaster calendar (visible on the site) as well as onto the MPN. I will also setup an order for product to be used as prize support to be shipped to you for your events.