Temperance, another spell "Counter"



Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I wanted to shed some literal "light", on a light spell that has not been talked about, but I believe to be quite a good card.

That card is Temperance, another aura type to receive some "counter" play. Now, on paper some people might be thrown off by the first portion of the effect, as it really only gets rid of the spell temporarily, or at least until is it drawn again. This is somewhat of a tempo play, and you technically have information on a spell and can be ready for it later on in the match.

Now a big reason I like this spell is that you have utility. The second portion of the spell states if the spell is a dark or spirit spell, replace the effect with, "place this page into the afterlife". This is yet another "counter" to spells that are uncounterable, for example hateful demise, since it replaces the text, and doesn't stop the actual page from resolving. Once again, with seance we will see a fair share of spirit spells, as well as dark spells, so this will have plenty of targets to hit. Biggest ones I can think of quickly would be death, all hallows eve, and even cursed contract, assuming you are playing a second color.  You either replace the text of dark or spirit spells, or simply have them shuffle it back into their deck and slow down their game for a bit.

It reminds me of the light spell banish, but in this case, for spells. This will give light archetype decks a nice counter play and some more control aspects. It's interesting to see almost every aura type having a counter spell, do you think this is a step in the right direction? Comment below!


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