Issitoq the game ender.


Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today we are going to be talking the most interesting beastie to date, Issitoq! When I first saw this page, I was mildly confused at the fact it could not be contracted, however I forgot there are multiple ways to "place" this beastie into the arena. Let's dive into the important things about this page. Now, Issitoq is a 9 dark 9 light aura cost, however this doesn't matter at the moment as you cannot contract it but may matter when we see the rest of Native! Its traits are super relevant, flying, Magiproof, and immortal. Issitoq is SUPER evasive and given the requirements to get this page out it should be.

Now, its arena affects states it cannot be affected by non-dark and non-light spells and cannot be inflicted with status effects. At the start of your turn, you and target opposing caster discard a page from your chapters. And lastly it swings for 100. 

Now Issitoq is essentially a slow and painful death for opposing casters, given the fact it's VERY hard to get rid due to its arena affect and traits, it essentially is a countdown timer for the opponent as Issitoq gets rid of your resources meaning pages in your hand. Now this doesn't necessarily put the controller at a downfall as you pretty much have a unkillable beastie swinging for 100, even though you lose cards as well, your opponent could be losing their answers. It will be the matter of swinging then passing turn, forcing your opponent to either play what they have or lose it when your turn starts.

Now let's talk briefly how you will be able to "place" this card into the arena. A popular way that has been talked about is using Snipes power, which allows you to place a beastie from your spell book into the arena fatigued. Now this is probably the easiest way at the moment to play Issitoq if you were playtesting before Native is fully revealed, but I truly think Native itself will have a page that allows you to play Issitoq or a Beasty Deity for free without contracting, or essentially a tutor. Now there are other ways to play Issitoq but I will let you guys' figure that out on your own ;)

Lets talk about an SOME answers to Issitoq that we currently have in the seance block. Toxic water would be a good answer to Issitoq since it's not a spell, keep in mind you would have to deal 100 damage if that was the route to go. Another answer if you were playing dark would be Hateful demise, or even Zombie apocalypse. Now these are just measly answers to Issitoq, but be warned, I'm sure native will bring a way to bring Issitoq back several times. I love seeing these Power creep beasties and excited to see what native brings to the competitive scene. What do you think about Issitoq?


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