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Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I’m excited to talk about the newest announcement made by MetaZoo, Dual Auras! This is something we have known about and has been brought up in MetaZoo hour many times. The fact that we finally get a taste of it outside of aura essence and prism aura, is going to be absolutely game changing. Just look how much prism aura has changed the game, a lot of decks play splashes of a secondary color, and some decks are two colors already.  Let me break down how this is going to help deck archetypes now and moving forward, and what decks will rise because of this. 


Aura consistency and establishing aura early 

I cannot tell you how important it is to establish your aura base early in 2-3 colored decks. Being able to contract your pages on time is crucial, and I cannot tell you enough, how many times I’ve seen players and myself lose games because we cannot draw that secondary color we need to contract a certain page. Currently right now, we rely on prism auras and splashing that secondary color to play other powerful pages in our deck. It has been working decently, but with the introduction of dual auras this will make it so much more consistent. This will Impact higher costed pages of 1 color that are hard to splash in decks. For example, let’s use flame/dark which is the deck I played in Denver. It plays hateful demise which is 2 dark aura, and promo Mothman which is 3 dark aura. Now given the deck is very flame dominant, I rely on my 2 prism auras and my splash of 2 dark aura to be able to play these powerful cards. And here is my aura base for that. The aura below is my exact aura base that I used for Denver.                                            


2 prism aura 

6 flame aura 

2 dark aura 

1 neutrality aura 

Now I rely on prism auras and my 2 dark auras to play hateful demise and promo Mothman. Sometimes it was clunky drawing 1 dark aura and not seeing another dark source for the rest of the game or too late into the game when I needed it. Now I’m going to write an aura base with dual aura, and you will see how much more consistent it will be. I will only use 2 of the dual auras assuming it’s 2 per spell-book for now. 

2 Prism Aura                             2 Prism Aura


4 Flame aura                            6 Flame Aura

2 Flame/dark dual aura   VS     2 Dark Aura

2 dark aura                               1 Neutrality aura

1 neutrality aura 

(6 Dark Resources)                  (4 Dark Resources)

            New                                      Old

More Dark Aura Resources with the new aura base, same amount of aura, and no drawback for my flame resources. Perfect example of why Dual Aura is going to be HUGE.

The consistency with this new aura layout is much better than the original, as I have 6 dark resources, and 4 of those resources I can still generate flame, (Which is no drawback for me) which doesn’t hinder the rest of my deck consistency. This allows me to play out my powerful secondary pages early without drawback, and I can easily play heavier set cards like death beam for example in this deck if I wanted to!


Rise of control decks

 Before I started playing MetaZoo, which was before the release of nightfall, I was playing magic the gathering competitively. And one thing I can say about magic is that control decks were VERY powerful, and also annoying to play against. With that being said, Control decks in MTG were usually 2 or 3 colors. They worked because of dual aura resources. Which is what MetaZoo is providing. Control decks will be on the rise, with the added support of other aura types. Sometimes deck archetypes don’t work because they don’t have the necessary tools needed to work on their own. I can see spirit getting a huge boost from this as well as light in terms of a control aspect. Water already being midrange/control will get a huge boost from this too. I imagine native will bring a lot of powerhouse cards to support these dual aura types/tri but just know decks will be even more diverse than they are now! 




Side decking will be much better

Now adding your different colored sideboard cards will be much easier, assuming the dual auras you are using are the same aura type as your side. This eliminates having to add 1 basic aura in your sideboard to be able to play your sideboard more efficiently. This will essentially give the caster no drawback, and a much more diverse arsenal of side deck options, which is needed given there will be a big pool of decks that require certain cards to combat! What are your thoughts on dual auras coming in Native? 





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  • John Liam

    Awesome article! Seriously man this is sick

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