Dual Aura, the new era of MetaZoo

BurnedByKevin here, and today we will lightly touch up on dual aura beasties! MetaZoo spoiled dual aura beasties a couple days ago and this is huge for competitive play. Dual aura beasties are going to create such a diverse meta game that you won't really guess what everyone is playing. This also promotes playing multicolored decks so now decks will have a variety of tools to combat the Meta.
Now we can assume if we are getting dual aura beasties that there will be some type of dual aura support. A while ago they spoiled possessed aura, unfortunately I cannot find the image, but we can assume this is going to be a major key in dual aura decks. And we can assume there will be other cards in this set to make it much easier. Its crazy to see how far MetaZoo has come in turns of mono decks, to splashing for other colors, and now playing two auras or more. Seance is going to be the biggest shakeup to MetaZoo and will have a lot of good hype just like nightfall! Be prepared to start brewing and many more articles to follow up on saucy cards and interactions! 
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