Cement Worm, This card is going to change the game

Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to talk about Cement Worm and what impact this card will have in MetaZoo, and Earth core decks, lets dive in!

Cement Worm is an early game 2 drop beastie that's VERY evasive. Having both burrow AND stone skin is very powerful and will make Cement Worm a pain to deal with. The real magic though in this card is the attack ability. When Cement Worm deals damage to a caster you can choose an aura page they control and it will NOT awaken until the end of their turn, but here is the kicker, even when your opponent ends there turn it doesn't awaken. We now have yet another lock out mechanic (Flatwoods) that is insanely powerful, but in my opinion, a lot more powerful than flatwoods, given the fact you can keep locking aura as long as you do damage to the opposing caster. What is also interesting about Cement Worm is that its arena ability literally sets up its attack effect for aggressive decks. Beasties with fleet enter the arena fatigued. That is a lot of freaking utility in a 2 drop beastie, and a great way to protect your aurafacts if you play them turn 2!  And to make it even scarier, 4 PER SPELLBOOK. The power level of this card should have only been 2 per spell book in my opinion but I am assuming we will have more ways to fight burrow in Seance with this power creep. Cement worm will make its way into many earth variation decks and will be a staple for sure! Be on the lookout for this fellow and be prepared! I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this article. If you enjoyed reading and would like 10% of your Seance needs, use my code BurnedByKevin for 10% off your purchase! 


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