Caster Gun, Card of the day

You know what time it is! BurnedByKevin here! Today we got a spicy card of the day that hasn’t seen play YET! Caster gun is super super powerful, and super super underrated! A lot of people look away from the card because you lose 100 lp per aura reduction. However, they don't see the bigger picture. Caster gun is meant for midrange/control decks. And you know what is tough for midrange and control decks? AGGRO. Caster gun opens up a tool belt of choices as you can play multiple board wipes. Now I’m not saying you have to lose 500 Lp to play Supernatural Black Hole, but there will be times where you are 1,2,3 aura short for wiping a whole board when you need it most. Well say hello to caster gun! It’s a powerhouse of a card! Losing 300 lp is a lot, but at the circumstance of not losing a game,it’s worth it. Say bye bye to the full board of cosmic beasties, or multiple quetz. And since all pages go to the afterlife they cannot use necromancy to put there biggest threat back in there deck. Boardwiping aggro decks usually will win you the game if you have a hand full of cards. Do not sleep on Caster gun. And who knows, maybe I’ll play it at Denver collect a con 🤫
Cast On! 🔥

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