Card of the day, Bloody Mary!

BurnedByKevin here, go Infront of a mirror and repeat after me, Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary...
Today I wanted to talk about the spooky powerhouse Bloody Mary! She hasn't seen too much play recently except for collect a con long beach in a top 8 flame/spirit deck! Bloody Mary is a very powerful card and has a lot of utility. Being able to contract her at any time and also having a chance to scare an opposing beastie into their chapter is insane! However, it gets better. She also can reveal your opposing casters entire chapter! With information like that you truly can change the tides of the game and play around what your opponent has!
She also can be played as an aggressive threat. When she is contracted on your opponent's turn and it goes to your turn, she swings for 70 damage due to her effect of being contracted last turn. So, you can take out aura facts, or even problematic beasties as 70 damage can take out most of Megazoo's biggest threats.
Bloody Mary was only available in the fan art blister packs, so while she is sitting at about 20 bucks at the moment, I would try my best to get two copies as I know she will gain more value in the future especially with the release of Seance!
I hope you enjoyed this Card of the day! As always...

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