Burning Effigies, Super powerful flame card



Hello everyone BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to talk about the new flame spell, Burning Effigies! When I first read this card, I already knew it was going to be absolutely busted, but when I saw the 6 per Spell book I was a bit concerned on the power level of this card and how it could possibly break the game for a bit. So, Burning Effigies is a 1 flame 1 neutral spell that creates 3 artifact flame tokens with 25 lp. At the start of your turn target opposing caster is dealt 25 damage for each token. WHAT??!?! So off of one spell you can essentially take 7.5 percent of the opposing casters life total without doing anything. The power level is insane as you can literally keep a hand full of cards and let the effigie tokens do the work for you. Now the scary part is that these essentially "stack" meaning if you have 6 of these out your opponent takes 150, if you have 9 your opponent takes 225 and so on, on the start of each of your turns. You can see what I'm talking about here about it being insanely powerful. Now the counter argument is that "you can just attack the tokens". While yes you can, it will take 3 beasties to do so or 1 beastie attacking 3 times, by the time you have the chance to destroy the tokens you have most likely lost 20 percent of your life, or we have contracted another Burning Effigies. Let's not forget Gaasy exist and completely breaks this card, getting 6 or 9 tokens out can be gg for most games, especially against slower decks. Now as a flame player you are probably wondering why I'm ranting about this card, I'm not complaining that my flame deck got a great piece, my only issue is it may be a little too powerful/errata worthy. We will have to see how the meta plays out with seance but expect to see a handful of Burning Effigies' decks and be ready to flip a table.


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