Basket Ogress, dark fuel


Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin! Today I wanted to talk about Basket Ogress, and the variety of tools it may bring now, and in the future.

Basket Ogress is a 2 drop dark beastie with 50 Lp, and the invisible trait. Now on paper it may seem Basket Ogress is underwhelming with only swinging for 10 damage. The kicker here is the power. If you pay 1 dark aura you can destroy 1 beastie or artifact you control to bookmark 1. Now, there are a lot of synergies here to think of. One I can think of is with sentry box devil. Not only will you net 1 card, but you also get a trigger off sentry box devil. This power will tie into relevant destroyed effects, and where it feels like a 2 birds 1 stone kind of play.

Basket ogress also plays well with spirit decks where possession of other beasties is pretty common. You can take possession of an opponent's beastie, then use basket ogress to destroy it, and netting 1 card. Thats a little nasty power play there. Now, Basket ogress can still be used offensively sometimes. Slapping a power up red on an invisible beastie is always scary, but also being able to chip away at artifacts with no fear of blocking is always nice. Moving forward, as sacrificing things for benefit will come up again in future sets, Basket Ogress is going to shine even more. I do think there are multiple decks right now that can utilize it very well. What are your thoughts on Basket Ogress?



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