A couple things to expect at the Denver tournament



Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I wanted to quickly talk about what you can expect at the Denver tournament and some tips to aid you in preparation.

Just going off what we have seen in the meta game expect to see a handful of cosmic lock decks. Your typical El Verde, lizard people, Flatwoods, a lot of aura facts deck. This deck has been having consistent results and for good reason. It is VERY strong. In testing against this deck, you need to have a lot of interaction with the board. You need ways to destroy aura facts, kill flatwoods, and also easily kill lizard people there abusing search engine with El Verde. If you can create a deck that can interact and deal with those cards pretty well, I'd say you will be in a good spot. Unholy fire is being played a lot more due to killing flatwoods, Aura facts, and pretty much every other beastie in that deck. People are adapting to the change in the 'Meta' and so should you! 

Expect lighting, and critters but that is nothing new here, and we do not to elaborate on these decks, they have been around for a while. One contender coming up the ropes again is WATER. Water will be played a decent amount and it never left tbh. Water has a lot of utility cards and problematic beasties. So, ask yourself, can I deal with Crab? Can I deal with chessies, and Loveland frogman? If you aren't main decking ways to interact with water even if it's one or two cards, prepare a good sideboard with hateful demise and anti anti potion, as that can pretty much ruin waters game plan. Water can get out of hand very quickly, that's why having a well-rounded deck with interaction to all aura types is needed in my honest opinion.

And of course, there will be decks to combat the 'Meta'. These we cannot really identify but be prepared to play matches where you might have to read a card you have never seen played. These matchups tend to go to your opponent due to you not knowing what to expect next. Game 2 will be more in your favor though once you know how their deck operates.

With your final draft of your deck, you want to be comfortable playing against any deck. Interaction is key, interaction with evasive traits, spirit, flying, burrow, can really put you ahead of the game here. And also having a good late game, so strong beasties with great board interaction is also needed. You never want to play against a caster see what aura type they are playing and say to yourself, "crap this isn't the matchup I wanted". You always want to be confident game 1.

Now this is all my opinion and based off what we have seen so far so take it as you will but expect the unexpected. POKEZOO ProCaster Team will see you there



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